Messy Jesus Business: Building a Common Home

Episode 56 of Messy Jesus Business podcast is entitled “Building a Common Home,” and features Sr. Julia Walsh interviewing Sr. Teresa Maya about the ways that embracing the messiness of life and the Church sometimes means doing awkward things, like going to mass in a language you don’t speak. Teresa also delves into the idea of encuentro – what happens when we come together and how it’s bigger than any of us when we’re separate. Later, Teresa speaks about her life as a historian, and how history can recover what we’ve lost in the pursuit of perfection. Other covered topics include how religious life is not going to look like it has in the past, how diversity can enrich spiritual life, and how discipleship is like dance. Sr. Maya presents ideas and insights that can be related to the Franciscan charism, and the Secular Franciscan vocation. Messy Jesus Business is a production of the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration in Lacrosse, Wisconsin.

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