“What kind of house can you build for me?”

“Thus says the Lord: The heavens are my throne, and the earth is my footstool. What kind of house can you build for me; what is to be my resting place?

~ Isaiah 66:1 (Lauds for February 9th, 2023)

“And with eyes full of tears he gazed up, and he heard with his bodily ears a Voice proceeding from that Cross, saying thrice: ‘Francis, go and repair My House, which, as thou seest, is falling utterly into ruin.’”

~ St. Bonaventure, Life of St. Francis of Assisi

“All of us have to look at it and ask ‘What is my part in this?’ Conversion is impossible without motivation and change. It directs us to look at Jesus and Francis for our examples…Never fear that you lack the ability to pursue the renewal. God does not choose those who are qualified. He qualifies those he chooses.”

~ Sr. Agnes Marie Regan, O.S.F.

Are you a person looking for your part in building God a resting place, a place to abide, a place or a way for God to be present to yourself and others? Do you feel a Voice is calling you, “…go…and repair My House”? Are you considering whether the Order of Franciscans Secular (O.F.S.) would bring and grow the spiritual dimension in your daily life and work? We would love to hear from you! E-mail the St. Cloud Fraternity of Secular Franciscans at mailbox@stcloudfranciscans.org.

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