Engaging Franciscan Wisdom: Hospitality Opens Doors to Pioneering Inclusion & Education

A new Engaging Franciscan Wisdom podcast is available. “Hospitality Opens Doors to Pioneering Inclusion and Education” (episode 51) features Franciscan Sister Callista Robinson as she breaks open her experience as an African American woman of faith, rooted in her own culture. A life-long learner and teacher, her hospitality and compassion serve to build bridges of relationships across cultures. The episode is also available for watching as a video. Engaging Franciscan Wisdom is locally produced at the Franciscan Welcoming House in St. Cloud (Minnesota, USA) by the Franciscan Sisters of Little Falls.

“Franciscan values  of compassion, serving the very poor and underserved,  have really influenced me as a Franciscan Sister.  And peacemaking and social justice, those are Franciscan values. It seems to me you cannot talk to a Franciscan without hearing that person say something about social justice and how we have to go out to those who are not served. … Another Franciscan value that we have is we’re very hospitable.” ~ Sr. Callista Robinson, O.S.F.

“Have a conversation with God, which we call prayer, an open and honest conversation where you let God do the talking and you do the listening. And from there each person will receive the wisdom that they need, whether that is to be more trustful, to be more compassionate, to be more accepting of others from a different culture, whatever that might be. Listening and talking with God – but more listening rather than talking.” ~ Sr. Callista Robinson, O.S.F.

Are you studying or working a job in which you are looking for ways to bring hospitality and inclusion to people who have been pushed away, kept out, or forgotten? Are you considering whether the Secular Franciscan Order (O.F.S.) would bring and grow the spiritual dimension in your daily life and work? We would love to hear from you! E-mail the St. Cloud Fraternity of Secular Franciscans at mailbox@stcloudfranciscans.org.

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