Church Celebrates Social Communications Media as God’s Gift to Humanity

The Central Minnesota Catholic published an article by Sr. Hosea Rupprecht, entitled Love well to speak well: Francis’ challenge for World Communications Day, explaining that this past Sunday was World Communications Day. Sr Rupprecht wrote:

“[T]he church celebrates social communications media as God’s gift to humanity, with great potential for evangelization. World Communications Day reminds the church to embrace media technologies for the proclamation of the Gospel and the spread of goodness, and serves to educate her sons and daughters to be critical thinkers when engaging media messages.”

Sr. Rupprecht also explains Pope Francis’ address on this day, and that Pope Franicis presented St. Francis de Sales as a model of communication that comes from love. as he was convinced that “in order to speak well, it is enough to love well.” and believed that “we are what we communicate.”

In the meeting of our St. Cloud Fraternity of Secular Franciscans this past Sunday and World Communications Day, we looked at how digital media and communications has been important for encouraging the Holy Eucharist, and attention to the relationship of the Church to current environmental issues. In discussion, we noted that the United States Council of Catholic Bishops included the example of Carlos Acutis and his skill in using digital media to declare the Gospel, in their document The Mystery of the Eucharist in the Life of the Church. We learned more about Carlos Acutis by reviewing the Catholic News Agency article Who is Carlo Acutis? 10 things you should know about him. As an example of how digital media can be used, we learned about the availability of the YouTube original film, A Message for Our Earth: The Pope, The Environmental Crisis, and Frontline Leaders (also entitled The Letter, or La Carta). This film supports the Pope’s encyclical Laudato Si with testimonials from leaders and representatives of people directly experiencing the impacts of environmental endangerment and destruction.

(photo credit: Pope Francis in Philipines by Rolando Mailo, 2015)

Are you feeling called to use digital media or social media communication to bring a perspective of wisdom, Catholic faith, and love for humanity and creation in responding to society’s contemporary challenges? Are you studying for or working in a profession of bringing perspective to society’s contemporary challenges through digital media or social media communications? Or maybe you find yourself in that role within your community? Are you considering whether the Secular Franciscan Order (O.F.S.) would bring and grow the spiritual dimension in your daily life and work? We would love to hear from you! E-mail the St. Cloud Fraternity of Secular Franciscans at

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