Is God Calling you?

Are you searching for…

… a better spiritual life for yourself?

… personal conversion?

… optimism and hope?

… celebration of God’s creation?

Is there a Franciscan inside of you?

Visit the Secular Franciscans, get to know us, get to know yourself, ask yourself “Is God calling me?” and find the answer too. We can help you with that! Start with an e-mail to us at

History & Spiritual Family

Over 800 years ago, Francis Bernadone, who we now know as Saint Francis of Assisi, heard a call from God to “Go, rebuild My house.” During his time, war and greed were rampant. He chose the Life of Christ in the Gospels as his guide. People began to follow him and embrace his values of poverty, joy, simplicity, gratitude, and love of all Franciscan creatures. The Franciscan family grew to include vowed religious and secular men and women. The Secular Franciscan Order holds a special place in this family circle, consisting of brothers and sisters striving for perfect charity in their life and world situations (Rule of the Secular Franciscan Order, 2).

“Witnessing to the good yet to come and obliged to acquire purity of heart because of the vocation they have embraced, they should set themselves free to love God and their brothers and sisters.”

Rule of the Secular Franciscan Order, 12


Franciscan life is a call by the Holy Spirit to live a commitment to a life of the Gospel. As members of the Order of Franciscans Secular (O.F.S.), we devote ourselves to careful reading of the Gospel, to bringing the Gospel to life, and to bringing life to the Gospel, where we live and where we work.

As sisters and brothers in fraternity, we work together to better our spiritual lives. We gather at least monthly for mutual support and prayer. We take action on issues that affect the lives of others.

If you have questions about exploring the Order of Franciscans Secular (O.F.S.) as a calling and vocation, we encourage you to let us know. We can tell you more and invite you to start by just visiting, observing, and seeing for yourself. Send us an e-mail at