St. Cloud Fraternity of Secular Franciscans

Monthly Gathering

Sunday, May 18, 2023

1:00 to 3:00 PM

St. John Cantius Church

1515 North 3rd St. St. Cloud, MN 56303-4517

For more information, e-mail us at

art credit: Sw. Jan Kanty, by Witold Chomicz (1910-1984)

Spirituality & Sustainability Conference

June 4-10, 2023

Rome & Assisi

The 10th Spirituality & Sustainability Conference will be held in Rome and Assisi again from June 4th to June 11th in 2023. This coming year’s conference embraces will include contemplative practices in sacred places, the sharing of spiritual practices, sharing efforts to promote transformational change, exploring collaborative opportunities and supporting the work of young leaders. There will be a program of visits and discussions in Rome from June 4th to June 5th and we then travel to Assisi for the rest of the program from June 6th through June 10th. Contact: (with cc: