The Franciscan Flame is the quarterly newsletter of the St. Cloud Fraternity of Secular Franciscans (O.F.S.) to fraternity members. Each issue includes timely information and communications from the fraternity’s Minister, Vice Minister, Formation Director, JPIC Coordinator, and other contributing authors. You can access the current and past issues of the Franciscan Flame with the below links. If you have any questions about the Franciscan Flame, please send us an e-mail at mailbox@stcloudfranciscans.org.

The Franciscan Flame: January, February, March, April 2023

The Franciscan Flame: October, November, December 2022

The Franciscan Flame: July, August, September 2022

The Franciscan Flame: April, May, June 2022

The Franciscan Flame: January, February, March 2022